Laser hair removal device


The Laser Hair Removal Instrument is a powerful and versatile device designed for home use. This device uses advanced infrared technology, specifically photon IPL, to effectively and safely remove unwanted hair from the body. With a range of 5 adjustable gear settings, this instrument can be customized to suit a variety of skin types and hair textures. The device is available in 3 different specifications (Chinese, US, and European regulations) to ensure compatibility with various power outlets around the world. The device features a No.1 LCD color display for easy and convenient use, and an input power of 36W for efficient and effective hair removal. The device operates within a retention spectrum of ≥ 510nm, making it ideal for targeting and removing hair at the root. With an output voltage range of 110V~220V, this device is suitable for use in a wide range of home settings. Get salon-quality hair removal results in the comfort and convenience of your own home with the Laser Hair Removal Instrument.

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Product Name: Laser Hair Removal Instrument
Function: Infrared
Applicable scene: home
Color: No. 1 LCD
Specifications: Chinese regulations, US regulations, European regulations
Working principle: photon IPL
Input power: 36W
Gear setting: 5 adjustable
Retention spectrum: ≥ 510nm
Output voltage: 110V~220V



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Weight 0.50 kg
Dimensions 350 × 400 × 50 cm





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